Jul. 24 Asterisk Seminar and 40th VoIP/Asterisk Lounge in Kobe | ワークスタイル・働き方変革対応 UCプラットフォーム・サービス FoNEX(フォネックス)をはじめ、コミュニケーションに関わるシステムをトータルサポート | 株式会社クルーグワークスタイル・働き方変革対応 UCプラットフォーム・サービス FoNEX(フォネックス)をはじめ、コミュニケーションに関わるシステムをトータルサポート | 株式会社クルーグ

Jul. 24 Asterisk Seminar and 40th VoIP/Asterisk Lounge in Kobe

We’re pleased to report that the “Asterisk Technical Seminar” held on June 14th in Tokyo by Fusion Communications received nearly 160 participants and was a great success. We received several requests to hold the same event in Kansai. Fusion Communications and QLOOG are partnering to hold the same seminar in Kansai with a reception to follow. This event will also mark the 40th Kansai VoIP/Asterisk Lounge.

PART 1 – Asterisk Technical Seminar
Date: July 24th, 2014 (Thu) 13:00 – 17:00
Location: QLOOG, Inc. Headquarters in Kobe
Instructor: Takao Takahashi
*Instruction will be provided in Japanese

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This seminar will convey a broad range of Asterisk-related and VoIP knowledge, rather than simply a walkthrough of Asterisk system setup. We recommend it for the following kinds of people…

– Linux engineers/technicians who know the Asterisk name, but aren’t sure how exactly it can be used, and would like to know more about building Asterisk systems.
– Web application and software development company employees who want to inject new life into their solutions, while expanding the scope of their development skills.
– Employees involved in the planning of web, email, and application services who are considering new communications platforms for end users.

Target audience: Anyone interested in building Asterisk solutions (all nationalities welcome)
This event is a rare chance for participants to receive a basic understanding of Asterisk, free of charge!

QLOOG will also have the latest phone models from the world’s major manufacturers on display, along with Asterisk and FreePBX solutions and video conferencing systems for participants to examine. This seminar is held with the intent of promoting the further widespread adoption of Asterisk and FreePBX in Japan.

PART 2 – Reception / 40th VoIP/Asterisk Lounge in Kansai
Date: July 24th, 2014 (Thu) 18:00 – 20:00 (same date, evening)
Venue: Near QLOOG Headquarters in Kobe (to be announced)
Fee: 3,000 yen/person
Contents: Greetings, networking, and presentations over a light dinner with drinks

Target audience: Anyone interested in Asterisk, FreePBX, or VoIP technology and solutions (all nationalities welcome)

*Participants are welcome to join for the evening session only
*QLOOG staff will escort participants to the venue from the seminar location, but others are welcome to join directly at the venue

It’s an honor to restart the VoIP/Asterisk Lounge in Kansai after a brief rest for our 40th event! With the growing momentum behind Asterisk and FreePBX both at home and abroad, we are very excited to welcome everyone for this special event.

For more information and the application form, please visit

***Registration open until July 16th, 2014 (Wed) at 17:00***
+ Applications for the seminar and reception must be submitted from the above link
+ Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis
+ Space is limited, and registration may be closed early. Please apply well in advance!
Contact Information

Seminar Information
Fusion Communications, Inc.
West Japan Office
Contact: Yomomo, Tanaka
TEL: 050-5502-1064
Hours: 9:00-17:30 (weekdays)
E-mail: asterisk-info@fusioncom.co.jp

VoIP/Asterisk Lounge in Kansai Venue Directions
VoIP Lounge Kansai Operation Committee
TEL: 078-327-8001
Hours: 10:00 – 18:00 (Japanese, English, French, Chinese)