Career Opportunities Updated! | ワークスタイル・働き方変革対応 UCプラットフォーム・サービス FoNEX(フォネックス)をはじめ、コミュニケーションに関わるシステムをトータルサポート | 株式会社クルーグワークスタイル・働き方変革対応 UCプラットフォーム・サービス FoNEX(フォネックス)をはじめ、コミュニケーションに関わるシステムをトータルサポート | 株式会社クルーグ

Career Opportunities Updated!

QLOOG is a rare breed of company that has succeeded through deploying VoIP server solutions based on Linux and open source software like Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, and OpenSIPS. Our headquarters is currently located in Kobe, Japan, but we’re rapidly growing and expanding into Tokyo and overseas markets as we pursue exciting new directions, possibilities, and value for our clients.

In our operations, we seek to implement fresh ideas and technology to better serve our customers. QLOOG is also actively expanding its operations overseas, and employs overseas staff and employees who have an interest in international markets. We welcome applicants’ experience in the relevant fields for all positions, but for IT positions, we accept applications from those who have a knowledge or interest in VoIP technologies even without prior experience.

Due to recent growth, we are currently looking to fill the positions listed on our Career Opportunities page.

Think you have what it takes? Feel free to contact us for more information.