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QLOOG, Inc. Profile


Company Name QLOOG, Inc.
Headquarters Hortensia Building 8F, 2-8-14 Motomachi St, Chuo-ku, Kobe Hyogo 650-0022 Japan
Tel: +81-78-327-8001 (Japan) +1-877-733-6572 (US)
Fax: +81-78-327-8002
Tokyo Office Area Shinagawa 13F, Konan 1-9-36, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075 Japan
Tel: +81-3-4455-9288 / Fax: +81-3-4455-9289
E-mail info@qloog.com
Employees 20 (as of June 2016)


  • Deltapath frSIP UC product distribution, support
  • Yealink product distribution, support
  • Sangoma product sales, development, support
  • FreePBX/Asterisk official Japanese localization, support
  • Digium, Inc. product sales, development, support
  • Professionally recorded IVR announcements
  • trixboxPro sales, devlopment, support
  • Hosting/housing services for IP-PBX systems
  • Call center construction and operation
  • Asterisk development, sales, support
  • Construction of wired/wireless network and VPN inter-site communication environments; server virtualization and operation
  • Data center operation
  • Application development
  • OA and communications equipment
  • MacOS / Linux / Asterisk coaching
  • PSTN and IP telephone service
  • Operations-related construction, support, management, and consulting
  • Technician dispatch…and more!


  • FtOCC (Fonality trixbox Open Communication Certification)
  • Polycom Authorised Solution Advisor
  • Linux Professional Institute
  • Apple Certified Support Professional 10.5
  • Apple Certified Technical Coordinator 10.5
  • Japan Telecommunications Carriers Association (TCA) Registration: E20-2989
  • Secondhand Dealer License #631130900005
  • Specified Worker Dispatch Provider 28-302901
  • Kobe Dream Catcher Project N-KOBE Award


Qloog, Inc. access map

1 min. walk from Hanshin or JR Motomachi Station

Our office is located on the 8th floor above Lawson, just south of Motomachi Station’s west exit.

About our name

qloog logo

The QLOOG name was born as a hybrid of Q (question, quality) and a creative play on LOG (logic, logarithm). Our name shows what we do best – offering adaptable, real-world answers in the pursuit of ideal solutions for our clients.

Our principles

QLOOG’s mission has always been to act as a focal point for the enthusiasm of developers and suppliers. We offer the precise products and services that our customers require – no more, no less. Our employees take time to learn from the lessons of those who have come before us, and our company strives to make innovative and valuable contributions to society.