Yealink announces QLOOG, Inc. as the new distributor of Yealink IP Phones in Japan | ワークスタイル・働き方変革対応 UCプラットフォーム・サービス FoNEX(フォネックス)をはじめ、コミュニケーションに関わるシステムをトータルサポート | 株式会社クルーグワークスタイル・働き方変革対応 UCプラットフォーム・サービス FoNEX(フォネックス)をはじめ、コミュニケーションに関わるシステムをトータルサポート | 株式会社クルーグ

Yealink announces QLOOG, Inc. as the new distributor of Yealink IP Phones in Japan

Xiamen, China – 21 Jan, 2015 – Yealink, the global #2 SIP phone provider, announced today that QLOOG, Inc., a VoIP solutions provider, Japan, is now an authorized distributor for Yealink’s entire IP phone product line in the Japanese market. The cooperation between the two companies is to further their shared goal of better serving Japanese businesses users and SMBs with high quality, feature-rich and cost-effective Yealink VoIP terminal equipments.

By adding Yealink IP Phone products to QLOOG’s current offerings for customers, QLOOG not only offers Japanese customers easy access to Yealink IP Phone, but also support them with efficient and professional technical services.

“We are very pleased to work with QLOOG. QLOOG has been very reputable in Japan for their expertise and service. We looking forward to a long-term win-win partnership with QLOOG.” said Stone Lu, Yealink Executive Vice President, “By working closely together, we are now able to offer diversified customer groups in Japan with Yealink’s comprehensive VoIP product portfolio, which meets their communication needs and assists their business success.”

“Yealink’s global growth has been truly remarkable, and we are proud to offer the value and flexibility of their IP lineup with our know-how and proven track record in the Japanese market,” said Kazuhiro Arao, CEO of QLOOG.

QLOOG is a VoIP solutions provider based in Kobe, Japan with a strong pedigree in IP endpoint sales and open telephony systems. The QLOOG name was born as a hybrid of Q (quality, question) and a creative play on LOG (logic, logarithm), and shows what the company does best: offering adaptable, real-world answers in pursuit of ideal solutions for clients. More information is available at

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